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• Quickly search NFTs and collections across multiple chains. Rank results by multiple parameters.
• Retrieve key properties of NFTs and collections, including name, normalized preview image, and more.
• Access historical and analytical data such as trading volumes, unique buyer counts, and pricing history.
• Query historical activity data about NFTs and Collections. Subscribe to real-time updates about future activities.



Arena Master is a skill-based matchmaking game combining Play-to-Win and Play-to-Earn modes. The game aims to provide a real-life gaming experience for people in the gaming domain, blockchain technology and the world as a whole The Game was developed under the memorandum of game development studio Sambrela and Game xChange
Arena Master players will be rewarded with tokens for winning PVP and PVE battles, participating in tournaments, staking and engaging referrals



We are creating an NFT collection of Georgian and international artists, in support of Ukraine! 100% of the funds will go to the Ukrainian government. The collection will randomly distribute NFTs to the minters, secondary sales also go to Ukraine.



Ever since its first event in 2016, KHIDI club has made a huge contribution to building a strong community in the electronic music scene by breaking down stereotypes and cultural barriers and bridging people of different backgrounds. From it’s world class sound system and two stage club, to its industrial exhibition art space, KHIDI represents a vital part of the Tbilisi underground. For the first time ever, techno is stepping into the world of metaverse by launching its first collection of NFTs.

Crypto prison.png


Crypto Prison is the first NFT engine builder, a dice-roller online board game that provides not only financial but also, most importantly, entertaining and fun opportunities for all types of players.

The first season of Crypto Prison presents 3 characters: Rebel- Johnny, Scientist - Gramps, and Drughead - Kevin. There will only be 9999 unique skins minted as NFT, 3333 skins for each character.



As an answer to Russian imperialist aggression, we decided to sell Russia’s territories for good! Putin is known for grabbing other countries’ lands. So, let’s give him the taste of his own medicine.
Here, we are offering you an opportunity to help Ukraine by becoming an owner of Russian lands in the form of NFT - Each unique piece has its own Name, Size and weirdly authentic Coat of arms. Choose one or many on the map.



EMORB is a collection of 1,111 randomly generated NFTs on SOLANA that combines art with a passion for community, culture, and charity.
The EMORB team has brought together a group of creative individuals from the worlds of art, tech, film, sports, and automotive.
A diverse cast of operators and visionaries have come together to create and serve a group of art/collectible lovers from all over the world.



deckk* is the code foundation for whatever you want to build, create and imagine.
You want to use deckk* to create art? Excellent! You're gonna have a new digital asset you can do whatever you want with.
You want to use deckk to create a game? Fantastic! Invite more players to mint decck* and transform it into something big.



This story begins in future, 189 years from now in 2211. 3332 girls were born, in different parts of the world. The strange thing was, that the women who gave birth to them, had no idea they were pregnant the day before.
All of them are adopted by self made billionaire Dr. Rays who strongly believes that earth will be under attack soon by civilizations from different galaxies, and these supernatural kids are the only chance for humanity to survive. So she built a special “home” for these children to raise and train them, help them discover their abilities.



Representing You ToyKong Club.

ToyKong Army visited us from Toyland and explores our world.

But is everything so easy?🪐

Keep An Eye On Them And You will Surely Understand Their Secret

Launching soon...

NFT: Clients


NFT: Team


Keti is an audio/visual witch from the future! Colouring the dark world with neon and sound, cyberpunk is her main theme. She considers women in her art to be extremely important by their power, happiness, sadness, broken heart, and ups and downs.
"We are beautiful as we are," says Keti.

Davit Chanadiri.png


2D pfp Animated Characters

Davit is a high skilled logo designer who has created an NFT collection "ABC Community". Each of the creations is a representation of a single and unique narrative. The primary mission is to design every character individually so they'll stand out and will be able to share their story from their perspective.

mariam kacharava.jpg


Erotic art & alter egoes

Mariam works with many reputable local and international companies, utilising her unique graphic style to tell their stories in a compelling and dynamic voice. She has participated in numerous international exhibitions throughout Spain, Germany and Poland including the International Collage Art Exhibition. She is also highlighted in Forbes Magazine’s ‘Georgia’s 30 under 30’ in the field of arts and culture.




Mako's inspiration is the idea of the destruction of the border between real life and virtual reality. You ought to be the same person in every reality.


Programmer loves

Teodora created the very first worldwide NFT collection based on programming languages. What would programming languages look like if they were human?

ana magraze.jpg


Photo surrealism

After a thriving career in many different businesses, Cryptonaut Georgia was pleased to welcome Jordan Parker to the team. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, they’ve helped to make us what we are today.

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